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Andy Jefferson's GasGas MC366 Project Bike

I myself Isaac find myself falling in love often in motocross...... parts, accessories, materials and manufactures make it easy for a man like me to spend his days dreaming of exotic parts and one off components. When I saw this bike in MXA I fell in love, and unfortunately after seeing the laundry list of parts I can't get my hands on or come at a very steep price, Ill be picking and choosing wisely (whatever my budget allows really).

Akropovic skid plate, carbon fiber velocity stack, Cylinder Works Big Bore 366cc (always out of stock due to demand), Brembo works calipers, Twisted Development ECU, Light Speed Carbon chain guide and a heavier crank are a few of the pieces that litter this very awesome project bike. Andy let the MXA Wrecking Crew take it for a spin and Josh Mosiman gives you the details here!

Very very interesting stuff especially how the meat of the power was moved around due to the the new displacement event tho it only added 16cc.

Video Courtesy of Motocross Action Magazine.


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