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Forma Predator 2.0 Review

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Review by Alec Frasson

I first heard of Forma on instagram, after seeing the H.E.P suzuki guys running them, I really wanted to give a lesser known brand a shot. My previous boots were the second gen Alpinestar tech 10’s, and the current Gaerne Sg12s. I always called myself an A Stars guy, but really preferred the sg 12s over the 10s.

I was lucky enough to be accepted for the Forma rider support program, and was able to get in the “pro level” predator 2.0s for under $250. My first impression, the boot was very comfortable and stiff from the get go. I personally prefer a really stiff boot, and was very happy that they didn't get real soft over the course of the season. They definitely loosened up, but did not get blown out and “floppy”.

At first glance, the toe box looks to be a bit larger than the previously mentioned boots, but on the bike it wasn't even noticeable, and i didn’t have to move the shifter at all. I've always been a fan of the metal toe piece, so that was just a bonus for me, and adds a bit of durability.

The boots have a very comfortable foot bed, and I didn't get any weird pinches anywhere in the boot. One of my favorite parts of the boot, is the textured and grippy inner leg of the boot. It offers great traction while squeezing the bike.

Another bonus of the boot, is that they are fully rebuildable. The straps, buckles, shin plate, and soles are all removable (soles are stitched) so if there are any issues, they are easily replaced, and thus customizable. I've stuck with the all white colorway, but there's tons of room for creativity.

After one year in, there is hardly any noticeable wear on the soles, the body of the boot is easily cleaned, and they are still stiff. I think for the MSRP of $480, you can't go wrong with this one. It is a pro level boot, fantastic quality, great comfort and protection, at a price that's tough to beat.

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About Alec:

Alec Frasson is 20 years old from Lakeville Minnesota. Alec's passion for dirt bikes started young when he was 5 with a PW50. Since then he has been racing consistently on the weekends since 2014. Alec also rebuilds vintage and collects vintage bikes and parts. Alec most notably was able to get David Vuillemin a much needed expansion chamber for one of his YZ builds.


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