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Jett Lawrence One Step Closer to a Perfect Season Motocross Season at Budds Creek

It's not every day that we see a rider do what Jett Lawrence has shown us this summer. His quest for a perfect season reached a thrilling new height at the Yamaha Budds Creek National, as the young Australian proved once again that he's the real deal and he's here to stay.

Jett Lawrence Budds Creek
Jett Lawrence Makes it 20-0 At Budds Creek Photo @browndogwilson

Situated in Southern Maryland, Budds Creek Motocross Park is known for its natural terrain layout, it's a track that tests every rider, making Jett's performance even more remarkable. Facing what was arguably his toughest challenge yet, Jett refused to be deterred. With every lap, he showcased the finesse and control that has been the hallmark of his campaign this year.

Completing his 10th consecutive 1-1 outing wasn't just a victory for the day; it was a powerful statement of intent. As he now stands just two motos away from sealing the fourth unbeaten campaign in series history, it's evident that Jett is in a league of his own.

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The success isn't limited to Jett alone. The Budds Creek National also showcased the prowess of Team Honda HRC's other ace, Hunter Lawrence. Complementing his younger brother's triumphant performance, Hunter clinched his seventh victory of the season in the 250 Class.

The Lawrence brothers have rapidly become the dream team for Team Honda HRC, with both demonstrating unmatched consistency, grit, and sheer riding talent. Their performances this season are etching their names into motocross history, and it's a joy to watch them rise to every challenge thrown their way.

Deegan goes Down at Budds Creek
Tough Day for Haiden Deegan Photo @browndogwilson

As the motocross community holds its collective breath, all eyes will be on Jett Lawrence in the final races of the season. Will he achieve the legendary perfect season? Given his performance at Budds Creek and his track record this year, it's hard to bet against him.

Meanwhile, Hunter Lawrence continues to solidify his position as one of the top riders in the 250 Class. With each race, he demonstrates why he deserves to stand alongside the greats of the sport.

The Lawrence brothers, under the Team Honda HRC banner, are writing a story for the ages, and we're all fortunate to be witnessing it unfold.

Troy Smith

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Jett Lawrence One Step Closer to a Perfect Season Motocross Season at Budds Creek


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