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Joe Farrè: A Lifetime in Racing and the Power of Community

In the fast-moving world of auto racing, few stories resonate with the passion, dedication, and sense of community as deeply as that of Joe Farrè.

Joe Farrè SPS Two Four Speed

From the dusty tracks of dirt racing to the polished asphalt of the SRL Southwest Tour, Joe's journey is not just about the thrill of speed but about legacy, camaraderie, and the indomitable spirit of racing.

Joe's journey into the world of racing began in 1990, shortly after graduating from college—a milestone his father, an experienced auto mechanic, insisted he achieve before diving into the racing world. This early lesson in patience and preparation would lay the foundation for Joe's racing career. Growing up surrounded by hot rods and classic cars, racing was in Joe's blood, a natural extension of his childhood.

The Farrè family team, with Joe and his father at its core, raced together until his father's passing in 1997. This bond through racing epitomizes the familial spirit that often surrounds the racing community, highlighting the shared joys and challenges that racing families experience.

Joe Farrè SPS

Joe continued dirt racing until 2006 before shifting gears to the SRL Southwest Tour, where he encountered the challenging transition to pavement racing. This move was not without its hurdles, but Joe's dedication and determination led to the establishment of a successful pavement program and ultimately to the founding of Sigma Performance Services (SPS), a testament to Joe's resilience and entrepreneurial spirit.

Joe's impact on the racing community extends beyond the track. In 2022, he was approached by TJ Clark with a request to help revive the Las Vegas Motor Speedway short track “The Bullring," a project that demanded not just financial support but leadership and a shared vision for the future of racing. This venture blossomed into a strong friendship with TJ, underpinned by mutual respect for their dedication to nurturing young talent in the sport and honoring the legacy of racers like Spencer Clark and the Spencer Clark Driven Foundation.

A pivotal moment came in late 2023 when SPS entered ARCA Menards competition fielding the #23 car with driver, Bradley Erickson, an achievement for Joe that symbolized not just a personal milestone but the culmination of years of dedication and the support of the racing community.

This Friday will fulfill a lifelong dream for Joe, as he will be taking the wheel of the #24 SPS Chevrolet. Joe's debut as an ARCA series driver at the 1-mile Phoenix Raceway is an incredible career achievement and adds an exciting dynamic to the team's presence at the event. TJ Clark's insistence that Joe experience this "bucket list" moment behind the wheel exemplifies the profound bonds and shared aspirations that define the racing world.

Joe's story intersects with notable figures in the racing world, including Nascar Craftsman Truck Series Driver, Grant Enfinger who will drive the #23 SPS Chevrolet at Phoenix, through shared values and commitments to the sport. The collaboration with Enfinger and the support from GMS Fabrication, TJ Clark and the Clark Family, Legacy Motor Club, Mike Beam, Billy Wheeler and Morrey Gallagher are prime examples of how the racing community comes together to support one another, embodying the spirit of "good people in racing connecting with good people in racing."

Joe Farrè's story vividly illustrates the essence of auto racing: a blend of personal ambition, community support, and the legacy of those who paved the way. Through ups and downs, Joe's journey emphasizes the importance of perseverance, the value of mentorship, and the strength of community. As Joe rightly acknowledges, "I could not be more proud to be part of this continued legacy of the 23 car." His achievements are not just his own; they are a team effort, powered by the collective heart of its community.

Watch Joe, Grant Enfinger, and the SPS team as they race toward victory this Friday night at 5 PM PST at Phoenix Raceway for the ARCA Menards Series West General Tire 150. For more information, please visit


Two Four Speed Joe Farrè

Joe Farrè: A Lifetime in Racing and the Power of Community

Photo- Two Four Speed for SPS


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