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Molecule Motosports Skidplates

Proudly made in the USA. Our skidplates are an exact fit and unique to every bike. Easily the best upgrade you can make for the bike you depend on. Run our product with or without the integrated linkage guard. Our plates are constructed from Billet UHMW, which has better wear properties than aluminum and even carbon steel. No cracks, punctures, or let downs with this material. Better yet, it self-lubricates to help you slide over obstacles in your sleep. Don't even compare this to HDPE or aluminum; UHMW is lightweight, slides better, and keeps its shape. Our integrated linkage guard option adds an extra glide over rock and log obstacles. With a beveled edge, four bolt retention, and impact damper, you can't go wrong. Features: ◘ Thermo-formed from 1/4" thick (6.35 mm) Billet UHMW ◘ Unique Shape Reduces Mud Build-up and Reduces Weight Gain ◘ Optional Linkage Guard with Linkage Spring ◘ Stainless Steel Brackets with Adhesive Keeps Brackets in Place During Oil Changes

Checkout to see their entire line of skidplates and linkage guards.


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