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Sean Hingorani Berlin Money in The Bank

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

It's that time of the year again when Berlin Raceway in Michigan starts to buzz with excitement, engines fire up and roar, and competitive spirits are out in force. Tomorrow, it's the SRL National - Betten Baker Automotive Group "Money in the Bank" Super Late Model Race and our money is on one driver: Sean Hingorani.

Sean Hingorani Berlin Money

Sean Hingorani, from Newport Beach, CA will be in full race mode ready to take home the much-coveted checkered flag and a substantial pay day. With an impressive 2023 Arca season start and talent that shines brighter with each passing race, Hingorani is proving to be a name to reckon with in the world of racing. His aggressive yet smooth style has always kept fans on the edge of their seats and tomorrow, as he steps into the Donnie Wilson #20 Super Late Model race car, expectations are going to be high.

The SRL National - Betten Baker Automotive Group "Money in the Bank" is no ordinary race. It brings together the crème de la crème of the short track racing world, presenting a thrilling display of speed and strategy. The event, sponsored by the Betten Baker Automotive Group, guarantees not only an adrenaline rush for the drivers but also for those cheering from the stands.

Sean Hingorani Berlin

As he gears up for tomorrow's race, it's evident that he's put in the work and he'll be ready. This event is jammed in between back-to-back weekends of ARCA road course racing for Sean. To Hingorani, it's more than just winning, it’s racing against the best of the best.

So, as the Berlin Raceway readies itself for the high-octane action, Hingorani's fans across the world are waiting eagerly, hoping to witness their racing hero’s victory.

Win or lose, there's one thing for certain: Sean Hingorani will leave his mark on the track and the hearts of his fans. Here's to wishing him the best for tomorrow's SRL National Betten Baker Automotive Group Money in the Bank Super Late Model Race.

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Remember to tune in to FloRacing tomorrow at 7 p.m. ET to cheer for Sean Hingorani and experience the thrill of Super Late Model racing!

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Sean Hingorani Berlin Money in The Bank


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