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Dunlop Geomax MX53 Review!

Updated: Aug 21, 2023


Rear: 100/90x19 $82.15

Front: 80/100x21 $77.49

10 hours on the MX53s and I feel like I can finally give a decent review of how I feel about them. I needed new tires at the same time this model was being introduced and the hype train was real! It was the first time I experienced the unveiling of a new model of tires so it was kinda cool to see it and pick some up. I am comparing them to the ever popular MX3S that caused an uproar after they were discontinued and were brought back due to demand.

Front Tire: I like the MX53 front far more than the MX3S due to it being more durable without giving up any traction in my opinion to the MX3S. I do enjoy the occasional off road ride and after one lake bed ride I was losing knobbies on the MX3S. The MX53 gets great traction and is far more durable than the MX3S. This front tire in my opinion, even tho designed for hard to intermediate riding will do you well in soft and loamy dirt conditions.

Rear Tire: The MX53 rear did give up traction compared to the MX3S on tracks with softer dirt. While the front MX53 front tire could hang in the soft stuff the MX53 rear tire would break traction in long sweepers or fast turns. The break in traction was predictable and controllable but the same turns could be done with the MX3S without worrying about the rear end starting to slide.

The Skinny: I enjoy the MX53 tires and they are a solid choice-especially the front tire. I won’t be purchasing the rear tire again as I believe the MX53 front with a MX3S rear may just be what moto dreams are made of.


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