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Jordan Holloway Takes on the GoodStock Speedfest: Singapore Awaits a Champion

Jordan Holloway, the outstanding name in INEX Legends racing, is setting his sights on new international grounds. He's ready to pack up his gear, rev up his engine, and set a course for Singapore, where he will compete in the GoodStock Speedfest this August.

Jordan Holloway Speedfest

This isn't the first time Jordan has made headlines in the racing world. His performance in the 2022 season can only be described as stellar and is arguably his most successful season to date. Outrunning his competition on multiple occasions, Jordan left a blazing trail on the race tracks with an impressive 14 wins.

Adding to his victories, he also managed 10 Top 5's and 9 Top 10's, a testament to his consistency and dogged determination on the track. He's not just an excellent racer; he's a persistent performer, maintaining a high standard race after race.

The previous year also saw him conquer several Legends division Championships, proving he is a force to be reckoned with. At The Bullring, Jordan emerged victorious, demonstrating his prowess and his inherent ability to win at his home track. But he didn't stop there. His hunger for success saw him clinch the Nevada Pro State Championship as well as the prestigious Pro National Championship.

Jordan Holloway Champion

Indeed, 2022 was the year when Jordan Holloway became synonymous with victory. It was a year where he didn't just participate in races; he dominated them. It was a year that saw him emerge not just as a participant in INEX Legends Racing but as a true racing legend.

And now, as Jordan sets his sights on Singapore, the anticipation is exciting. The GoodStock Speedfest is a major event that invites the crème de la crème of racing talent from around the world. And there is no doubt that Jordan Holloway is right at home among this elite cohort.

Holloway's performance in 2022 has made him one of the top contenders for the GoodStock Speedfest. His impressive record, coupled with his evident talent and relentless drive, sets him up well for this prestigious race. It's not just about speed; it's about strategy, persistence, and unyielding determination, all of which are evident in Jordan Holloway.

Jordan Holloway Racing

As we eagerly anticipate the GoodStock Speedfest, one thing is clear: Jordan Holloway is a racer worth watching. He's proven time and again that he can handle the pressure, that he can turn challenges into opportunities, and most importantly, that he can win. Singapore and the GoodStock Speedfest will just be another platform for him to demonstrate what we already know - Jordan Holloway is a true champion.

The road to Singapore is heating up, and Jordan Holloway is ready to leave his mark on the GoodStock Speedfest. As we await August and the thrill of the race, we say: Ready, Set, Go Jordan!

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Troy Smith

Two Four Speed

Photos by Troy Smith for Two Four Speed

Jordan Holloway Takes on the GoodStock Speedfest: Singapore Awaits a Champion


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