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Lawrence & Deegan Unbeatable at Washougal

This past weekend, round eight of the Pro Motocross 2023 season unfolded at the fabled Washougal MX Park, Washington state's gem nestled in the Pacific Northwest.

Deegan Washougal

Photo- @browndogwilson

The unique forest-like setting provided an alluring backdrop, but it wasn't just for the spectators' enjoyment. The frequent shifts between light and shadow played havoc with riders' visual acuity. Undeterred by these unpredictable conditions, the racers leaned into the challenge and charged full throttle into the motocross spectacle.

In the 450 class, it was a performance of sheer dominance from the young Aussie phenom, Jett Lawrence. This unstoppable powerhouse remained undefeated, taking a commanding 1-1 overall victory. This marked Lawrence's eighth straight win, cementing his indomitable status in the series. His cool, composed demeanor belied the relentless intensity he displayed on the track, his mastery of the Washougal terrain nothing short of awe-inspiring.


Photo- @browndogwilson Meanwhile, the 250 class saw Haiden Deegan, the California native and budding motocross prodigy, clinch his first 1-1 moto victory. It was an achievement that couldn't have been timed better, as it coincided with Yamaha celebrating the 50th year anniversary of its iconic YZ motocross model.

Deegan Wins Washougal

Photo- @browndogwilson

Deegan’s triumph was not just a personal milestone but also a significant moment for Yamaha. The YZ has been at the heart of the motocross scene for five decades, its legacy intertwined with countless victories, breakthrough performances, and legendary riders. With Deegan's win, this enduring tradition of excellence continues, marking a fitting tribute to the YZ’s golden jubilee.

The atmosphere was electric with celebration and the Yamaha team wore their joy on their sleeves. Deegan's monumental win symbolizes not just his potential but also the enduring prowess of Yamaha's motocross legacy.

We extend hearty congratulations to both Jett Lawrence and Haiden Deegan for their outstanding performances at one of our all-time favorite racetracks.


As the series continues, the narratives built at Washougal will play out over the remaining rounds. The burning question on everyone's lips - Can anyone stop Lawrence's winning streak in the 450 class? And can Deegan build on his first 1-1 moto victory in the 250 class? As we wait for these questions to be answered, we can only expect more heart-stopping action and nail-biting finishes as the Pro Motocross 2023 season continues at Unadilla on August 12.

Stay tuned, MX fans - the thrilling saga of dirt and dominance is far from over.

Troy Smith

Two Four Speed


Lawrence & Deegan Unbeatable at Washougal


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