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Mason Mitchell Shines in Return to ARCA Menards Series with 4th Place Finish at Atlas 150

In a thrilling display of skill and determination, Mason Mitchell made a triumphant return to the ARCA Menards Series, finishing 4th in the Atlas 150 at Iowa Speedway. This marked his first race in the series since 2018, and he did it in style, piloting the #23 SPS Chevy SS in front of an enthusiastic home crowd.

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Mitchell, a native of West Des Moines, Iowa, felt the excitement and pressure as he prepared to race at his home track. "There's nothing quite like racing in front of your hometown fans," Mitchell said before the race. "Their support means everything, and I wanted to put on a good show for them."

The Atlas 150 at Iowa Speedway is always a highly anticipated event, and this year was no exception. With Mitchell back on the track, fans were eager to see if he still had the magic touch that earned him the 2014 ARCA Menards Series Championship.

From the drop of the green flag, Mitchell demonstrated that he hadn't lost a step. He skillfully navigated the 7/8-mile oval, consistently running in the top 10. As the laps wound down, Mitchell made a series of bold moves including going three-wide, propelling himself into the top 5.

The race was not without its challenges. The #23 SPS Chevy SS faced fierce competition from seasoned ARCA veterans and up-and-coming talents. Despite the intense pressure, Mitchell remained focused and composed. His experience and strategic driving paid off as he avoided several on-track incidents that took out some of the leading contenders.

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One of the most memorable moments of the race came in the final 20 laps. Mitchell found himself in a tight battle for 4th place with some of the series' most competitive drivers. The crowd erupted in cheers as he made a daring passes on the restarts, securing his position.

As the checkered flag waved, Mitchell crossed the finish line in 4th place, much to the delight of the local fans. It was a remarkable comeback for the former champion, proving that he still has what it takes to compete at the highest level.

Mitchell's return to the ARCA Menards Series has reignited excitement among his fans and the racing community. His performance at the Atlas 150 showcased his enduring talent and determination. As he looks ahead to future races, there's no doubt that Mason Mitchell will continue to be a formidable competitor on the track.

For now, the hometown hero can relish in his impressive 4th place finish, knowing that he made his return to ARCA racing in spectacular fashion. The Atlas 150 at Iowa Speedway will be remembered as the race where Mason Mitchell made his comeback, thrilling fans and reminding everyone why he was once a champion.

Troy Smith

Mason Mitchell Shines in Return to ARCA Menards Series with 4th Place Finish at Atlas 150


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