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RedBud Motocross National: Legendary Racing and Good Times

As summer nears the 4th of July, the motocross world is preparing to descend upon the small town of Buchanan, Michigan. The reason? The legendary RedBud Motocross National is all set to host the fifth round of the 2023 Pro Motocross Championship.

redbud national

The heart of any sporting event is its fans, and this is never truer than at the RedBud Motocross National. From families who've been coming for generations to first-timers eager to experience the thrill of motocross, it's the fans who bring an unmistakable energy and passion to RedBud. It's not just the legendary track and the high-flying riders that make RedBud special; it's the vibrant, enthusiastic, and dedicated fan base.

Redbud national

From the high-flying action of 'LaRocco's Leap' to the thrilling battles in the corners, the RedBud Motocross National promises to be an unforgettable event in the 2023 Pro Motocross Championship calendar. With this year's championship being all Lawrence, and as we near the halfway point, every point still counts. All eyes will be on the brothers as they vie for supremacy in the championship standings.

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So gear up and join us in the heart of the action, as the world's best riders go handlebar-to-handlebar in one of motocross's most legendary locations. The roar of the engines is getting louder, and the excitement is building. RedBud is calling, and we cant wait!

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Two Four Speed

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RedBud Motocross National: Legendary Racing and Good Times


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