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SPS Farrè and St. Ours Ready for Evergreen Summer Showdown

As summer unleashes its fiery heat, racing fans are all set for a different kind of blaze this season - the blaze of roaring engines and lightning-fast race cars at the Summer Showdown. This weekend, Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA, will reverberate with the thunderous sounds of stock car racing. We'll be keeping our eyes on the Super Late Model SPS team with drivers Joe Farrè and Donny St. Ours.

Joe Farre Summer Showdown Stock Car

Both Farrè and St. Ours have their sights firmly set on the coveted trophy and a big $30K paycheck. As the showdown approaches this weekend, the anticipation among fans and fellow racers is at an all-time high.

Joe Farre Summer Showdown Stock Car

Joe Farrè, the SPS team owner, is known for his blend of technical precision and aggressive racing style. An experienced competitor, Farrè has repeatedly proven himself in the most challenging races. A master of maintaining a competitive edge while keeping his cool, this year's Showdown will be about keeping a balance between speed and endurance, knowing when to push and when to pace. This legendary race is all about skill and grit, and Farrè will be ready.

Joe Farre Summer Showdown 2023 Stock Car

Driving the other SPS entry, Donny St. Ours is sure to be a contender. He's no stranger to Victory Lane at tracks all over the country both behind the wheel and with his INEX Legends program. For this year's Summer Showdown, St. Ours will need to be focused on driving his best race. This race is a golden opportunity for fame and a big payday, and he'll be prepared to seize it.

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With its famed 5/8-mile paved oval, Evergreen Speedway is no stranger to drama and high stakes. The Summer Showdown promises to be a weekend of relentless competition from short-track racing superstars. With perfect weather in the forecast, we can't wait to watch this one unfold.

Donny St. Ours Summer Showdown Stock Car

As Farrè and St. Ours prepare to chase glory, racing enthusiasts from across the world will be glued to their screens, anticipating every lap. With perfect weather in the forecast, let the Summer Showdown begin!

Stay tuned for more updates and coverage as SPS takes Evergreen Speedway by storm.

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Troy Smith

Two Four Speed

Photo Troy Smith for Two Four Speed / SPS

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SPS Farrè and St. Ours Ready for Evergreen Summer Showdown


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