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100% Racecraft Goggle Review

Product: 100% Racecraft goggle

Price: $65.00

Where to buy:

Replacement Lens: $10.00-$39.00

Key Features:

  • Outriggers help fit and balance

  • Removable nose guard

  • Triple layer foam provides comfort while wicking moisture away

  • Lexan lens provides clear vision with anti-fog coating

  • 45mm strap with silicone coating to prevent slippage

  • Co-molding allows add-ons while still retaining the performance and styling of 100%

  • Air intakes channel in air through foam to cool rider and manage moisture

  • Models with mirrored lens come with additional clear lens

  • Goggles come with removable nose guard and 10 standard tear-offs

Review: 100%'s Racecraft goggle is a simple and comfortable design that left me very impressed overall. Goggles are not cheap and for $65.00 I think they are a solid buy. The triple layer foam did an excellent job keeping sweat from going into my eyes and creating a comfortable seal. I prefer clear lenses and replacements range from $10.00 for your basic clear to $39.00 for mirrored.

I ran these at the Wiseco Two-Stroke World Championship and they did great. My only complaint is that when it comes to the tear-offs, I would highly suggest purchasing the laminated tear-offs. The standard tear-offs caused my vision to get a bit blurred if stacked up. If you do go with the standard tear-offs I would advise to only put on as many as you need for the race.

Overall: Solid set of goggles for an excellent price with good priced tear-offs and replacement lenses. Go with laminated tear-offs from the get go and you will be set.

Transparency: This is not a sponsored ad and I received no compensation from 100%


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