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2021 Polaris RZR – Here’s what is new!

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What’s new for Pro XP

Improved Air Intake – The air intake has been changed from a soft rubber piece to a harder blow molded unit. This has been a complaint on the 2020 machines, as they tend to collapse under hard throttle when they get hot. We’ve seen this issue ourselves so are happy about this update.

New tender springs – This is another change to address issues with the previous model year. Many owners complained about sagging springs which required continued pre-load adjustments to maintain ride height. We saw this with our units as well, so feel this was another needed update.

Lightweight wheels – The new wheels are 18% lighter. While this may not seem like a big deal to most, we’ve seen measurable performance improvement running lightweight wheels. Whenever selecting aftermarket sets this is one of the first things we look at, so overall good mod.

Better Audio – The new Rockford Fosgate system has 2.5 times higher volume output than previously available. The sound quality and tuning abilities have also improved. If you like tunes while you ride, there’s nothing to complain about here!

Ride Command Updates – Ride command will now feature customizable gauges and a Follow Mode feature that allows the ride leader to create a track that the rest of the group (who has Ride Command) can follow. Ride Command is one of the standout features that Polaris offers that we really enjoy, and this will certainly make it better.

Improved clutch alignment – We don’t yet have the details on how this was achieved, but we’ve been told that shift effort has improved, and better alignment should help with belt life as well.

Rear shock gaurds – These now index on the shock, so no more spinning. It’s a minor annoyance at most but good to have them locked in the correct position.

Better door bumpers – The bumpers that keep the doors from rattling often weren’t sufficient and would even fall out, allowing the doors to rattle. Nobody likes doors rattling on their new top tier SXS, so although a small change it’s a good one.

Trim changes & new accessories – Pro XP Premium now gets Ride Command and the new Rockford Fosgate audio system for 2021. 20 New available accessories include a Rigid chase light, and new door / windshield options.

Trickle charge port – All 2021 RZRs now come with a built-in trickle charge port in the dash to make it easy to maintain your battery. We ride our machines constantly so this isn’t much of an issue for us, but for those who take months off at a time due to weather, this is a nice little feature.

What’s new for RZR Turbo / Turbo S

Pro XP Clutches – For 2021 RZR Turbo & Turbo S models get the new clutches from the Pro XP, along with the airflow improvements from the Pro which lower belt temps and increase belt life. Outside of some early production growing pains we have found the new clutches to be a definite improvement. Belt life is improved and they are better at holding increased power levels that some riders like us enjoy implementing so much.

Improved clutch alignment – Like the Pro models, the Turbo & Turbo S gets the improved clutch alignment to lower shift efforts and increase belt life.

Turbo S Lifted Lime Limited Edition – This model comes with Dynamix, Ride Command, factory audio, LED headlights & accent lights, along with full doors and an aluminum roof.

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