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Adventure Ahead

By Justin Mackie

Two Wheels Unites Souls…. Some hunt, some fish, some golf, some hike… Whatever it is that brings your tribe together I hope you have found your tribe. If you are on this site and reading this blog post, the first blog post here on my channel, the church of two wheels is likely your religious affiliation and we probably have the same tribe. I am a preacher of sorts and love to spread the gospel of comradery that riding motorcycles brings participants.

I am a rider of nearly every discipline of two wheels at least once or three times in the past 35 years. I think for everyone who rides their passion for the sport evolves down a winding path of addictions as their preferences, friends, competence and maturity ages like whiskey in a barrel. For me this has included being in and out of the moto industry professionally. From in the shop wrenching to in the financial office and on the floor with customers selling. To now, long since out of the industry professionally, where without the constrains of retail hours my participation in the sport of balance and speed has grown even greater in the past 10 years

Motorcycling has been a part of my life and connection to others since I was able to understand and form my identity. Most of my relationships with others has revolved around and often times been the result of a shared connection in the religion that is two wheels. Motorcycling to me means so much more than the personal selfish satisfaction of scoring my next fix of adrenaline or release of the worlds stressors from a relaxing ride. It is my connection to others and their connection to me. It is the common ground that can always be located for which a relationship can find a foundation. Those of us who subscribe to its teachings know the feeling when we meet another and share an instant bond. That trust, language and shared respect that is instantaneous is what I wish to most highlight and bring to the front of our minds when we think about motorcycling as not just a sport, but a lifestyle.

Today I participate primarily in four arenas of motorcycling, Big Bike ADV (Africa Twin Currently), Little Bike ADV aka ADV Lites (KTM 500EXCF currently), Dual Sport Enduro, and as the father of two young boys I baptized long ago in the religion (On KTM 65sx and 85sx currently). I have raced MX, road raced superbikes, supermoto, and overland dual sport. Owned Harleys, Sportbikes, Dual Sport hooligan supermoto machines, and trials bikes. More than I could likely every sit down and mentally inventory.

Today my stable of two-wheel weapons is more refined than ever and focused on the mission of getting the most out of motorcycling as a way of life and connection with others. s. . r and share an instant bond. That trust, language, and shared respect that is instantaneous is what I wish to most highlight and bring to the front of our minds when we think about motorcycling as not just a sport, but a lifestyle.

Troy has asked me to contribute to this Two Four Speed blog with my own personal take on the lifestyle and religion that is two wheels as I see it through my purview. I find myself often the ring leader of a motorcycle adventure circus, wherein my friends and business associates who also share in the affinity, spend days at a time living off of our bikes and basking in the comradery of the missions we dream up. Hijinks, life lessons and just plain old good stories always seem to play out. I intend to share those here.

Welcome to my place to share these tales and tribulations. You can expect trip reports that make you laugh, deep thoughts that tickle your feels, photography that will make you wane for the road with friends, fatherly experiences of two boys who are hell on two wheels and probably some boring yet I help useful gear and load out reviews and opinions… after all I am also a total gear whore and hound.. Thanks for being here and stay tuned as we kick off this wonderful thing Troy at Two Four Speed has devised and made reality for us all to enjoy.



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