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Brody Manning Gears Up for The Bullring

Excitement is revving up in the racing world as the promising young star, Brody Manning, prepares to take on the Jr. Late Model Division race at The Bullring in Las Vegas next weekend. With his sights firmly set on the finish line, Manning and the SPS team are burning rubber and breaking boundaries in his journey through the racing ranks.

Brody Manning SPS

Brody Manning's entry into the world of racing started just a few years ago. With a love for speed and the smell of burning rubber, it was clear that he was destined for the racetrack. Now, he's rapidly making a name for himself in the highly competitive Jr. Late Model Division, exhibiting skill and determination that belies his age.

The Bullring, Las Vegas Motor Speedway's 3/8 mile paved oval, is famed for being a challenging and thrilling venue for racing enthusiasts. As the race weekend draws near, Manning's preparation has been meticulous and exhaustive. He has spent countless hours on and off the track, testing, studying the fast lines at The Bullring, and tuning his car for race day.

Brody Manning SPS

From tire pressures and suspension adjustments to understanding the unique characteristics of The Bullring's course, every detail has been scrutinized to ensure peak performance. Furthermore, Sigma Performance Services and Manning have been working closely together as a team, absorbing knowledge and strategizing for the upcoming race.

With a strong field of competitors also preparing for the Jr. Late Model Division race, the competition will undoubtedly be fierce. But, Manning is no stranger to pressure. His performances have consistently demonstrated his ability to handle tense situations with the poise of a seasoned professional.

Brody Manning SPS

Round 8 "Summer Fun Night" is expected to be a thrilling event. Manning's fans eagerly await to see his hard work pay off as he lines up on the grid, ready to put his hard work into action. He has shown impressive pace during the last few rounds, and expectations are high for a strong finish.

As he readies himself to face the challenge of The Bullring, Brody Manning is not just another name in the Jr. Late Model Division. He's a young star with the talent, grit, and ambition that promises an exciting future in racing.

Brody Manning SPS

Next weekend, as the engine roars and the crowd cheers at the Jr. Late Model Division race, keep a close eye on Manning. His journey is just beginning, and the Bullring is his next step toward carving his name into racing history.

Watch out, world - Brody Manning is ready to race, and he's bringing the heat to The Bullring!

LVMS Bullring Round 8 "Summer Fun Night" June 3, 2023 for more information please visit

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Troy Smith

Photos- Troy Smith for SPS / MMS

Brody Manning Gears Up for The Bullring

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