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Chase Sexton Conquers Supercross Round 16 and Inches Closer to Championship Crown

Updated: May 27, 2023

Eli Tomac Pulls Off While Leading After Non-Crash Injury

The atmosphere was electric at Empower Field in Denver at Supercross Round 16 as a packed house of 51,691 fans gathered to witness what would become an unforgettable night of more injuries and more exciting racing.

Eli Tomac Denver Supercross

Photo Credit Feld Motor Sports, Inc.

Chase Sexton put on an incredible display, proving himself as the one to beat as he secured a dominant victory and with Eli Tomac seemingly out with a ruptured Achilles for the season, edged closer to the championship crown.

Chase Sexton Denver Supercross

Photo Credit Feld Motor Sports, Inc.

The night began with an intense sense of anticipation, as Eli Tomac took the lead in from of the home crowd. But in an instant, he lost the points lead and most surely the title after a non-crash injury down one of the track's rhythm lanes.

With Sexton's win tonight, that puts him now in the top spot, and if Eli doesn't return, almost the sure winner of the crown.

Ken Roczen, the seasoned veteran and fan favorite, put up a valiant effort to secure the second spot on the podium. Roczen's performance was remarkable, showcasing his consistency and exceptional talent with now four podiums in a row. He gave the crowd a run to remember and kept the pressure on Sexton throughout the race.

Denver Supercross

Photo Credit Feld Motor Sports, Inc.

Adam Cianciarulo, another strong contender in the Supercross world, managed to fight his way to the third spot on the podium. Demonstrating incredible skill and resilience, Cianciarulo completed the race with an impressive run, showing us all that he's back and he wants to keep working hard and win races .

As the dust settled on the track, it was clear that Sexton had made a significant step towards securing his championship crown. With just one round remaining, the pressure is on for the other riders to challenge Sexton's seemingly insurmountable lead.

The fans in attendance were treated to a night of unforgettable racing, with a fantastic display that only Supercross can provide. The Supercross community remains on the edge of their seats, eager to see how bad is Eli's injury and just how the season's final round will unfold.

As the championship draws to a close, all eyes are on Chase Sexton to see if he can maintain his winning form and take home his first 450 title and cement his place as a true Supercross legend.

We'll see you next week in Salt Lake City.

Troy Smith

Two Four Speed

Photo Credit Feld Motor Sports, Inc.

Chase Sexton Conquers Supercross


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