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David O'Connor's KTM 250SXFs

"David O'Connor is an employee at KTM North America and decided to work with Motocross Action on a build that not only looked good but had overall increased performance. David was able to get the frame powder coated, Factory Services to do the engine, obtain cone valve forks with a trax shock, and litter race inspired hard ware across the machine from KTM's Power Parts catalog. Sit back and see what managing editor Daryl Ecklund had to say about this one off build." - MXA

"Dave O’Connor grew up riding dirt bikes in Waterford, Ireland. He started riding when he was 15 but had a dream to come to California to work in the motorcycle industry. He spent three months riding the tracks of Southern California and loved it so much he applied for jobs at several different companies, landing at KTM North America as media relations technician for six years before taking over the department as media relations manager. He loved going to the track and helping all the test riders, yet he wanted his own business, so he took the plunge and started his own racing services shop. DOC MX Racing Services was born, and so was his vet weapon of choice: the 2020 KTM 250 SX-F." - Racer X

As you can see from these videos David's Racing Services are very impressive and he can definitely build up a high end and performance driven dirt bike. He left KTM and is now doing his own this as DOC MX Racing services. You can find David at REM often and its always nice to support the guys who race and ride themselves.


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