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Glenn Coldenhoff Injury Update

Standing Construct GasGas rider Glenn Coldenhoff provides update on injuries sustained.

One tiny mistake can have some big consequences. Unfortunately it’s part of our sport. Lost the feeling in my arms the first moments after my crash, but luckily it came back again after several minutes. We got everything checked here in Herentals and it turned out I have two compression fractures in my back (vertebrae T3/T4). Sad to say this season is over, as I felt stronger than ever. I will keep my head up and focus on my recovery from now. I have been here before and I know what to do to come back to the form I had. I am looking with confident [sic] towards the future and I can’t wait to be behind the gate again. Thanks to the medical crew on track. They handled the situation really professional and took great care of me. Also thanks to Toon Claes, and his team in Herentals, and of course my team, family, friends and everyone for the messages and support.”

Courtesy: Glenn's Instagram

Photo: GasGas


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