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HCR SXS Adventure Rally At Sand Hollow

Last weekend I was at the HCR SXS Adventure Rally; the guys from Moto Zoo and Sedona Tire and Wheel came out and showed me a good time. I am typically a Motorcycle guy, but driving the Can-Am X3 RR was insane. I knew they were fast but had no idea the power hit like a 500cc 2-stroke. Next on the schedule was rock crawling; I rode shotgun with Sam McGee, and five minutes into the ride, he scared the shit out of me! We approached a cliff, and I expected a left or right turn, but Sam went straight up. It wasn't the gnarliest crawl, but when you are expecting a turn, and then you are staring at the sky, it spiked my heart rate.

Here is a little video of our adventures:


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