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How to Deter Pigeons From Your Home In Las Vegas

Pigeons can be quite a nuisance for homeowners in Las Vegas, frequently soiling patios, balconies, rooftops, and other spaces with their droppings, as well as potentially causing noise disturbances. Even though pigeons are part of the vibrant desert ecosystem, their droppings can pose health risks and their nesting can cause property damage. If you're facing a persistent pigeon problem like us, don't despair. Here are some effective and humane methods you can employ to deter these birds from your Las Vegas home.

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Keep your surroundings clean:

Pigeons are opportunistic feeders and are drawn to food sources. Make sure not to leave food lying around that could attract them, such as pet food, seeds, or other food waste. Similarly, ensure your garbage bins are always covered and well-sealed to prevent pigeons from foraging.

Remove or block nesting sites:

Pigeons often nest in sheltered areas such as under eaves, on window sills, or in attic spaces. By removing nests (where it's legal to do so) and blocking off these areas with mesh or netting, you can deter pigeons from settling in your property. Regularly check potential nesting spots to ensure they remain pigeon-free.

Install Bird Spikes:

Bird spikes are an effective and humane method to deter pigeons from perching on your property. These spikes can be installed on rooftops, ledges, and other flat surfaces where pigeons tend to gather or roost. Although they look menacing, bird spikes do not harm the birds; they simply make it uncomfortable for pigeons to land.

Use Reflective Objects:

Pigeons dislike shiny, reflective surfaces as they disorient them. Consider hanging CD discs, aluminum foil strips, or specially designed reflective bird deterrent products around your home. Their movement and reflection in the bright Las Vegas sun can help scare pigeons away.

Utilize Bird Repellents:

There are various pigeon repellents available on the market. These include sprays, gels, and granules, which create an unpleasant sensation for the pigeons, deterring them from landing or nesting. Be sure to use these products as directed and choose ones that are safe for other wildlife and pets.

Install Bird Netting:

Bird netting can be very effective in preventing pigeons from accessing specific areas, like gardens or balconies. The netting should be strong enough to resist pecking and large enough to prevent pigeons from getting through.

Use Ultrasonic Devices:

Ultrasonic devices are another effective, non-harmful method to deter pigeons. These devices emit sound waves that are uncomfortable for pigeons, but usually undetectable by humans. Make sure to install these devices high and in areas where pigeons roost or congregate.

Consider Professional Assistance:

If your pigeon problem persists despite these measures, you may need to consider hiring a professional pest control service. They have the knowledge, experience, and tools to address your pigeon problem efficiently and humanely.


Pigeons can indeed be a nuisance, but remember, they are a part of our urban ecosystem. With a little bit of effort, a combination of these strategies can effectively deter pigeons from your home in Las Vegas, helping you to maintain a clean, peaceful, and pigeon-free living space. Always ensure any methods you use are humane and compliant with local wildlife laws and regulations.

Remember, a pigeon-free home is not only cleaner and quieter, but also safer and healthier for you and your family. Now, you are equipped to take action, so let's send those pigeon's flying!

Troy Smith

Two Four Media

How to Deter Pigeons From Your Home In Las Vegas


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