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Inex Asphalt Nationals Come Back To Vegas

Revving Up Excitement: The 32nd Annual INEX Asphalt Nationals Are Back 10/19-10/21

Thursday, October 19 - Saturday, October 21, 2023 are dates emblazoned in the minds of Legends racing enthusiasts, marking the return of the high-octane INEX Asphalt Nationals to the renowned Las Vegas Motor Speedway’s 3/8-mile Bullring. With the roaring engines, the scent of burning rubber, and the thrilling speed, the event promises to be a grand spectacle drawing racing aficionados from all corners of the United States and Canada.

Jordan Holloway Bullring Champion

Jordan Holloway - Photo Troy Smith / Two Four Speed

Racers will vie for supremacy across four Legend Car Asphalt National Championships, representing the pinnacle of Legends asphalt racing. Each racer is fueled by the dream to clinch the top honors in Sin City and etch their names in racing history.

The Nationals brings together a melting pot of talent, a diverse contingent of racers from varying backgrounds and experiences. The convergence of different racing styles, techniques, and strategies augments the excitement and unpredictability of each race, offering spectators the opportunity witness some really great racing.

Fidelity Capital

Las Vegas Motor Speedway's 3/8-mile Bullring is revered in the racing community for its challenging layout and high-speed straights. It is a battlefield where precision, speed, and strategy play pivotal roles, and where racers are put to the ultimate test.

Over the three days, attendees will be treated to a meticulously planned schedule, packed with a series of intense races, electrifying performances, and adrenaline-pumping showdowns. The Nationals will be a harmonious blend of power, speed, and endurance, offering spectators a visceral experience of the racing world.

Tanner Ash

Tanner Ash - Photo Troy Smith / Two Four Speed

With racers hailing from across the United States and Canada, the event is also a testament to the camaraderie and friendly rivalry between the neighboring nations. It's a symbolic blend of national pride and mutual respect, transcending borders to celebrate the spirit of racing.

Expect the surroundings to be brimming with energy, the air resonating with the echoes of roaring engines and cheering fans. It's more than just a racing event; it's a vibrant weekend celebrating the passion for speed, the pursuit of excellence, and the joy of witnessing high-octane performances.

TJ Roberts Third Gen

TJ Roberts and Brenden Tracy - Photo Troy Smith / Two Four Speed

Whether you’re watching from the stands, tuning in from home, or following the live updates, prepare to be enthralled by the exhilarating action and the pulsating energy of the 32nd Annual INEX Asphalt Nationals!

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Inex Asphalt Nationals Comes Back To Vegas


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