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Jeffrey Herlings Injury Update: Broken C1, C6 and T3

Jeffrey Herlings provided an update from his crash on Instagram

"It’s been pritty quiet around me lately and I am sorry for not giving a update to my fans since my crash. I can not describe how devastated it was being there on the ground temporarily paralyzed and not having any feeling from my neck down for minimum half an hour.

Eventually I ended up braking my C1, C6 and T3. Doctors told me I got through the eye of the needle with not ending up paralyzed. From the good side, I got 3 stable fractures with only small cracks in the bones and the healing process wont be too long luckely and doctors say I will get a full recovery from this injury.

I was feeling I was more then 100% in control this season, accepting a 2nd place and felt more in control of the championship then ever. I feel like that I messed up for the 2nd season in a row, even I have the feeling there was nothing I can blame myself for, for this crash. I am sorry to all my sponsors and partners and fans for once again not being able to deliver a championship to them. And most of all I would like to thank my entire KTM team and crew for there patience and there constant support towards me and there support through thick and thin. It’s been a very though last 2 seasons but I know I still got plenty to offer in this sport.

For the moment the team and I have decided to sit out the next race in Mantova and look from there when exactly we will return to racing. I believe to become back healthy is the most important for now. Once again thanks to my team and partners for there great support. I will work hard to become back healthy again as soon as possible.'' -Herlings

Photo: Motocross Action Magazine


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