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Jeffrey Herlings OUT for MXGP

Jeffrey Herlings has announced on Instagram that he will be sitting out for the remainder of the MXGP series.

“I have decided to sit out the rest of the 2020 season. All year I been struggling with a recent injury on my foot and I believe it’s the best solution to get this fixed before I jump back on the orange machine, so will have surgery on that next week to hopefully be able to finally being able to ride a dirt bike again in two years without pain. The recent crash happened because my foot came off as I had to put my foot differently on the footpeg as I always had pain and that’s why I went over the handlebars and crashed on my neck. On another note, the neck and back injury is fully healed. The last two years have been difficult. Due to the foot I wasn’t able to perform at my best. I believe this can be fixed and that we will have bright years in front of us. For now I would like to thank all my sponsors and partners for believing in me and we will strike back in the future."

We all hope Jeffrey a speedy recovery and hope to see him back soon.



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