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Lawrence Brothers Win Again at Hangtown

The dust has finally settled on Round 2 of the Outdoor Motocross Series at Hangtown, but the electric atmosphere of moto lingers in the air. The dynamic Aussie duo, Jett and Hunter Lawrence, continue to make their mark in the history books this weekend as the first brothers to secure wins in both the premier and 250 classes, respectively.

Jett Lawrence Hangtown

Lawrence Brothers Win Again at Hangtown

Jett Lawrence, once again, showed us why he's one of the most exciting talents to watch in the sport. In his impressive debut season, Jett has been dominant going 4-4 leading every single lap in the opening round motos.

Lawrence now joins Jeff Ward as the only two riders in Pro Motocross history to go 1-1 in the first two races of their Premier Class career. His lead now sits at 18 points over Ferrandis, while Webb moved into third, 26 points back.

Jett Lawrence wins at Hangtown

Hunter Lawrence Gets It Done in the 250 Class

Lawrence kicked off the season with another commendable 3-1 performance, good enough to secure consecutive overall victories to kick off the season. Cooper, on the other hand, with his consistent 2-2 performance, secured his first overall podium position of the summer, settling into second place. Deegan also brought his A-game, with an in incredible Moto 1 win victory securing his second consecutive top-three position, finishing third with a 1-4.

Deegan First Outdoor Moto Win at Hangtown

This victory marks the third in Lawrence's career, giving him his first-ever winning streak in Pro Motocross competition. He has also extended his lead in the points table to 10, outpacing Deegan. Meanwhile, Cooper moves to the third spot, trailing by 12 points from the lead.

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Even as the dust settles at Hangtown, there's a collective anticipation within the motocross community for what's yet to come.

Hunter Lawrence Wins At Hangtown

We've witnessed some strong performances, but that's merely a glimpse of the talent and tenacity that this outdoor motocross season promises. With a field of determined riders,, the promise of an adrenaline-packed season we're all hoping for is still very possible.

The unpredictability that keeps us fans on the edge of our seats. In the world of motocross, the tables can turn in an instant. Look at Eli at Denver, did anyone ever see that coming? All it takes is one spectacular performance or one unexpected slip. As fans, our hopes remain high, because we know what's possible. Each rider has the potential to redefine the narrative, to redefine the season.

So, as a fan, here's to holding onto hope that anyone can beat Jett and Deegan gets his first overall at Thunder Valley!

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Lawrence Brothers Win Again at Hangtown

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