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P3 Carbon


Carbon fiber engine mounts by @p3carbon

Engine mount material and design has been a long time factory secret by race teams. Many people might look elsewhere to change up chassis characteristics but engine mounts are a great start.

Within the last 5 years and the market has increased and the range of materials and design has increased. @p3carbon has jumped into the mix and brought an excellent product at a great price.

When it comes to engine mounts everyone thinks titanium but carbon fiber has long been used. If you look through the slides factory KTM and Husky ran carbon fiber as well as many more teams.

These carbon mounts were true factory exotica unobtanium but now P3 is changing that and made in the USA

“P3's new Carbon Fiber Engine Mounts were tested and formulated in collaboration with professional riders over 500+ hours of testing. The most used adjective to describe their performance: CONFIDENCE.” -P3

I wish I could mount these up and give you any insight but I’m about one level higher than the turtle setting on your lawn mower I’m getting back into slowly but do me a solid and check these mounts out. Businesses like P3 making pieces like this should be rewarded by the moto heads


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