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Privateer Spotlight - Brett Stralo

The Privateer lifestyle is a difficult road but Brett is getting it done. The Arizona Army Veteran is chasing the dream and helping others at the same time. Brett is no exception when it comes to maintaining his own bike and building up his privateer program. During all this he still finds time to give back to those currently serving.

Brett invites combat veterans to the pits with him at races in order to help them unwind, relax and basically blow off some steam. Military service isn't easy and as a Veteran himself, Brett is helping fill some voids through motocross for our Veterans.

We reached out to Brett and he answered a few questions for a quick Privateer Spotlight.

Brett, can you tell us about yourself?

"Dirt bikes saved me

I’m a safety manager for a construction company

Served several combat tours during my 9 years as a soldier

I have two daughters and a son.

We see you tearing up ACP often, is that your regular spot?

Yes it is ACP and fox raceway used to be thunder valley and Aztec.

We would like to thank you for your service to this Country. Do you think your time in the army helped with your moto mindset and discipline?

Absolutely the military teaches you how to thrive under pressure.

We see you run an organization that brings veterans to races. Can you tell us more about that?

It’s not really an organization it’s just me doing it as a way to hopefully help vets. I do support an organization called vet mx foundation great group of guys.

What are your goals for 2021?

Just want to make the fast 40, from there I’ll set new goals.

Who are your sponsors and who would you like to thank?

Ride Engineering, Cardo Max, AEO Powersports, Guts Racing, FXR, and my good buddy Mike Lura. Dude hooks me up all the time, The Moto Lens.


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