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Rex Staten Career Video Tribute!

"Dubya USA and Glen Helen Raceway are proud to announce “Rocket” Rex Staten as the 2020 Edison Dye Lifetime Achievement recipient. Rex Staten started his racing career here in Southern California riding local desert events at the age of 9. Rex trained and practiced every day and he quickly moved up the amateur ranks and turned pro at the age of 18. Rex raced on every make of bike from CZ to Maico to Honda to Harley Davidson to Yamaha and more. He was brutal to his equipment; he rode hard and was a fierce competitor winning the Daytona

Supercross in 1980 over the ever-popular Marty Smith. Rex has raced all over the world and in every type of racing from Supercross, motocross Baja 1000, and even freestyle. Rex was also the three-time South African National Champion.It is especially fitting that Rex receive his Lifetime Achievement award at the 2020 World Vet Motocross Championship since Rex won the Over-30 World Vet Championship in 1988, 1990, 1991 and 1992. Rex will be honored on Sunday,

November 8, in conjunction with the World Vet MX Championships, at noon. The ceremony will be held in the Glen Helen Museum, so plan on getting there early for the best seats. Congratulations, Rex, for being the newest member of the Glen Helen Walk of Fame, and recipient of the 2020 Edison Dye Motocross Lifetime Achievement Award!" -Motocross Action Magazine

Congratulations Rex!


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