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The Last Factory 125 Two Stroke

Below is Brett Metcalfe's 2005 Yamaha YZ 125. This bike is the last factory 125 two stroke to have raced an AMA event.


The last of the Mohicans.... before they called them the 250 and 450 classes they were the 125 and 250 classes. As the two strokes fizzled away between 04-06 the motion to change the classes name came into play. I blame the AMA’s unleaded fuel rule as well as the displacement advantage but that’s for another day. Brett Metcalfe holds the title of being the last factory 125 rider. His Yamaha of Troy 05 YZ 125 pictured here is a work of art. Yes we have had recent racers like Gared Steinkie and Ryan Sipes race two strokes but Brett was the last to race a full factory backed 125 effort. If you want to get some good insight Motocross Action Magazine tested and did a write up on this bike.


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