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Where's the zipper? Fly Lite 2021 Pant, Pushing Boundaries!

Fly Racing has become one of if not the premier brand in Moto Racewear. They have pushed even more boundaries with their 2021 Lite pant. For 2021 they have taken a significant risk, Fly removed the buckle and zipper. At first glance, it seems strange, but after hearing Jason Thomas (Fly Media Relations/Brand Manager) describe it like modern-day workout pants, it made sense.

Motocross is an extremely physically demanding sport, and riders spend enormous amounts of money trying to make their motorcycle weigh less, so why not wear a lighter, better fitting, and more durable pant? Also, removing the zipper reduces the chance of pant issues mid moto, something we have seeen in recent years.

Now that they convinced me it is functional, I wondered, what happens when I needed to use the restroom? It's easier than I imagined, and when I did research, I found a few sports that have left zippers off their pants. Football, Hockey, and many other sports have gone this route. Additionally, to ensure a proper fit, Fly moved the BOA locking system to the front of the pant.

I love when companies look at something from a completely different view, Fly has done that in 2021. I suspect this will be the new standard for performance racewear. I don't see entry-level gear using zipperless, but any athletic fit or high-end racewear might soon follow the road Fly Racing has paved.



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