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Get Ready For The 36th Annual Fall Classic at Tri-City Raceway

As the air gets crisper in the Pacific Northwest, the racing heats up. This weekend marks the grand finale of the 2023 season with the Northwest Super Late Model Series (NWSLMS) at the esteemed 36th Annual Fall Classic 125. Sponsored by RaceCals, this event is short-track racing at its finest with a pre-entry of 40 Super Late Models ready to clash in pursuit of victory and a big $10,000 payday for the winner.

Haeden Plybon

Haeden Plybon and the 55 car will be tough to beat Sunday afternoon -Photo Kenny Burns / KB Media

Event Overview:

* Location: Tri-City Raceway at RMEC, WA

* Dates: September 29th through October 1st

* Prize: $10,000 for the 125-lap Super Late Model winner

This event, for the third consecutive year, will run at Tri-City Raceway at RMEC after the closure of Yakima Speedway, where the first 33 iterations of this Fall Classic were held.

Tri_cities Raceway

Tri Cities Raceway - Photo Kenny Burns / KB Media

We've got our money on Haeden Plybon, Jason Jefferson, and Kasey Kleyn.

Kasey Kleyn

Kasey Kleyn is overdue for a big SLM win -Photo Kenny Burns/ KB Media



Official practice sessions for all six divisions, setting the stage for the intense competition over the next two days.


* Northwest Vintage Modifieds: 30 lap feature

* Tri-State Challenge Series Mini Stocks: 50 lap feature

* Tri-State Challenge Series Pro Late Models: 80 lap feature


* Tri-State Hobby Stocks: 60 lap feature

* Elite 5 Modified Challenge Series: 50 lap feature

* Northwest Super Late Model Series Super Late Models: 125 lap feature

Plan to be there to witness the action since this event is not televised!

For more information please visit

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Get Ready For The 36th Annual Fall Classic at Tri-City Raceway


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