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Jonathan Mawhinney Races Towards a $2K Payday at Mohave Valley Raceway

Tomorrow night, May 18th, racing enthusiasts will gather under the electric lights of Mohave Valley Raceway for an adrenaline-pumping event before the summer break hits. Among the thrilling lineup, Jonathan Mawhinney from Las Vegas will be back racing the 12LF , promising a spectacular showdown in the Living Waters Hospice IMCA Modifieds division.

Mawhinney Mohave

Mohave Valley Raceway is renowned for its action-packed race nights, and this event is no exception. Along with the high-speed IMCA Modifieds, fans can enjoy the fierce competition in Street Stocks, Dwarfs, Sport Compacts, and the Spring Family Motorsports Mini Dwarfs.

A unique highlight of the night will be the bounty on the #119 Ron Meyer in the Street Stocks category—where competitors can aim for $1501 in cash, along with additional rewards including whiskey, vodka, custom t-shirts, and a corn dog. This quirky bounty adds an extra layer of excitement and a playful challenge to the race.


The stakes are particularly high for the Living Waters Hospice IMCA Modifieds and Dwarfs categories. The winner of the IMCA Modifieds will take home a whopping $2000, while the leading Dwarf driver will earn $1000 as part of the Roland Kent Memorial. These prizes are not just a testament to the skill required but also honor the legacy of passionate racers.

Adding to the night's competitive spirit, there’s a $250 bonus for each of the IMCA Modified and Dwarf race winners, provided by AR Kreations (ar_kreations_usa). To qualify for this bonus, racers need to display the AR Kreations sticker on their vehicles, blending marketing savvy with high-speed competition.

Gates open at 6:30 PM, with the first race roaring off the start line at 7:30 PM. For those who cannot attend in person, Dirt Race Central will be covering all the live and replay action, ensuring no one misses out on the thrill.

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Jonathan Mawhinney Races Towards a $2K Payday at Mohave Valley Raceway

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