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Go Wheel With Jon Larson: The YouTube Channel You Gotta Check Out

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Do you feel the call of the wild echoing through your soul every time you see a rugged mountain trail? Or perhaps, the sight of a heavily modified rig navigating through treacherous terrains sends adrenaline rushing through your veins? If your heart beats in the rhythm of an engine revving up a rocky incline, then "Go Wheel with Jon Larson" is the YouTube channel that you should definitely be watching.

Jon Larson isn't just your everyday off-road lover. He's spent 23 years working on and driving XJs, and his love for wheeling is as intense and adventurous as the trails he frequently explores. He’s been a devotee of the great outdoors since he was five, camping in his dad’s '79 K5 Blazer. From owning over 30 XJs, a dearly missed MJ, an iconic '59 CJ5, to a pair of IH Scouts, his garage tells tales of adventures, each vehicle a chapter in his off-roading book.

But Jon's current love is an XJ masterpiece, a beast sitting on tons, with an Atlas, 38s, and caged – a true testament to his dedication and expertise. Yet, even with a monster like that, he cherishes his 2020 Wrangler JLUR, which serves as his trusty steed for camping escapades, light wheeling, and day-to-day journeys.

Go Wheel with Jon Larson

Admittedly, the Wrangler gave him a run for his money with the steering wander and death wobble, but two decades of experience had him ready for the challenge – though, he like to joke that his bank account might disagree!

Beyond wheeling, Jon harbors an obsession with camping gear. Forget the shiny, high-end gadgets; he's a wizard at scouting out the most effective, budget-friendly gear. He meticulously logs his gear for every trip, providing viewers with priceless insights into mastering the art of camping comfortably without breaking the bank.

Go Wheel With Jon Larson

"Go Wheel with Jon Larson" is more than a channel; it's an invitation to join a community, a journey, a shared adventure. It's about the roaring engines, the camaraderie, the crisp air against your face, and the mud under your wheels. It's about respecting the past, challenging the present, and forging a path into the future.

So, fellow adventurers, subscribe to Jon's channel. Embrace the chance to witness the Rubicon Trail as never before, delve into comprehensive camping guides, and feed your passion for Jeep off-roading content. It's time to answer the call of the wild, and Jon Larson is ready to lead the way.

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Go Wheel With Jon Larson: The YouTube Channel You Gotta Check Out


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