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New Premier Motocross Facility Opens in Oklahoma

Motocross professional dirt-bike racing comes to Northwest Oklahoma this weekend with a fully groomed, 1.4 mile track ready to ride.

Kings Ranch Mx is opening Saturday, June 27 for practice for all American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) classes, according to Owner GL Hardy.

“Main thing is right now we know summer people want to get outdoors,” Hardy said. “We just kind of saw a niche that was needed.”

As a sponsor for Blood Money Racing, a national team, Hardy said he saw the sport was kind of dying with a lot of tracks closing and no new ones opening.

“Over the past two years we've went to every single major track in the United States with our team that we sponsor,” Hardy said. “We saw how the other tracks are set up. We saw how they operate. We saw their weaknesses and their strengths. And basically what we did was took all that stuff together and mix-match it in to what you see right here, a really cool experience for fans.”

Watching parents struggle to see their children ride only a few seconds from the starting line, Hardy wanted a place where they could actually enjoy the whole race.

“We wanted to have something that not just the racers can enjoy,” Hardy said. “It is neat for people to be able to watch.”

Keeping parents and spectators in mind, Hardy has built the track between two hills for the best viewing. From several angles, the whole track can be observed easily from the tailgate or lawn chairs.

With plenty of room to pull a trailer, there is more for the whole family to enjoy. “We actually built an ATV track over here, all the way around and then a little kids track back,” Hardy motioned around the area. “We have actually three tracks.” One area, Hardy called the tabletop. “It's one that little guys can jump 10 feet or 20 feet but the big fast guys can jump 150 feet,” Hardy explained. “That's what people want to ride right there.” From Las Vegas, Hardy has been coming to Oklahoma for hunting for about the past 15 years. He decided to purchase some acreage on the Harper County and Woodward County line just north of Fort Supply.

“A little bit of raw land development because you know, you really can't go wrong there,” Hardy explained. “I'm creating the value. I’m buying raw land and making something out of that.” Kings Ranch Mx opening day attendees will be able to enter a drawing for a free month pass. The first race will be a three day event in September with camping available on the property. For more information, call GL or Alexis Hardy at 580-808-9780.



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