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VanderBeek, Ward win Modified qualifying features at Boone Speedway

via BOONE, Iowa (Sept. 8) – One driver raced his way into the Big Dance for the first time while another will make his career fifth run at an IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals fueled by Casey’s Modified championship following Friday qualifying at Boone Speedway.

Boone Speedway
Zack VanderBeek raced his way into the IMCA Speedway Motors Super Nationals fueled by Casey’s championship event with his Modified qualifying feature win Friday at Boone Speedway. (Photo by Bruce Badgley, Motorsports Photography)

Zack VanderBeek started on the pole and led the distance of a fast-paced 25-lapper than ended green, white, checkered. Jacob Hobscheidt, 22nd starting Riley Simmons and Dan Menk rounded out the top five.

And Tim Ward, who has won just about everything except the Lottery this season, motored from fifth starting to the checkers in the nightcap. That win came ahead of Shane DeMey, Dan Roedl and 2007 champ Todd Shute.

Top four finishers from each feature advance to Saturday’s main event.

Hobscheidt was quickly up to second in the first feature and was scored in that position every circuit. Simmons snuck into third and Menk held off Paul Stone for the final transfer after the late restart.

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“The car felt good. Hopefully we have a shot tomorrow,” said VanderBeek. “We tried to keep our speed up. That was the big thing.”

Ward took over up front on lap two and he stayed there through six restarts despite DeMey’s best efforts. Chaz Baca was contending before falling out of third with a flat tire; Roedl and 14-time qualifier Shute ran 3-4 the rest of the way.

”I hated to see those yellows come,” Ward said. “They can be handy when you’re in heavy traffic but not when you get in a rhythm.”

IMCA.TV broadcasts the 41st annual Super Nationals, which conclude with Modified, Stock Car, Northern SportMod and Hobby Stock championship events on Saturday night.

1st qualifying feature results – 1. Zack VanderBeek; 2. Jacob Hobscheidt; 3. Riley Simmons; 4. Dan Menk; 5. Jake McBirnie; 6. Paul Stone; 7. Josh Gilman; 8. Darrell Hughes II; 9. Chris Morris; 10. Johnny Whitman; 11. Matthew Day; 12. Nick Meyer; 13. Ashton Wilkey; 14. Troy Morris Jr.; 15. Johnathon Logue; 16. Tony Wedelstadt; 17. Ethan Robey; 18. Jesse Williamson; 19. Randy Shafer; 20. Jake Upchurch; 21. Justin Medler; 22. Trey Kline; 23. Jeff Steenbergen; 24. Chase Rudolf; 25. Cory Sauerman; 26. Mitchell Hunt; 27. Aaron Johnson; 28. Austen Becerra; 29. Jeff Bodendorfer; 30. Steven Bowers Jr.

2nd qualifying feature results – 1. Tim Ward; 2. Shane DeMey; 3. Dan Roedl; 4. Todd Shute; 5. Ethan Braaksma; 6. Clay Money; 7. Braxton Yeager; 8. Cody Thompson; 9. Brenda Kirby; 10. Troy Foulger; 11. William Gould; 12. Cory Wray; 13. Gregory Gretz; 14. Bobby Hogge; 15. Josh McGaha; 16. Gat Leytham; 17. Chris Mills; 18. Chaz Baca; 19. Brett Berry[; 20. Bryson Yeager; 21. Roger Witt; 22. Adam Crapser; 23. Lawrence O'Connor; 24. Chase Weimer; 25. Wayne Johnson; 26. Anthony Roth; 27. Jeremy Richey; 28. Jordy Nelson; 29. Jake Pike; 30. Jacob Snyder.

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VanderBeek, Ward win Modified qualifying features at Boone Speedway


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