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Dakota Godard Wins at Southern Oregon Speedway

Last weekend at Southern Oregon Speedway was nothing short of exciting, especially for Dakota Godard and the 89 team! As night #2 of the race weekend unfolded, the stakes were high, and the competition fierce. Dakota faced an unexpected challenge during the 10 hot laps and A-main event, showcasing the true spirit of racing and teamwork.

Dakota Godard

Everything was set for Dakota to have a stellar performance, but during the hot laps, disaster struck. The #89 car broke a left front ball joint, sending Dakota and his team into a frenzy. Missing the re-draw due to this mechanical setback meant starting in the last redraw spot, 8th place. The situation looked bleak, but the resilience and determination of Dakota and his crew shone through.

In an amazing display of sportsmanship, crews from other teams jumped in to help. Taunton and Mike Swaim provided the replacement ball joint, Brett Endicott assisted in the repair, Joshua Linville lent the necessary tool, and Bryson swapped the part in record time. The camaraderie and support from the racing community were incredible and the #89 was back on track, ready to compete.

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With the repairs done, Dakota had his work cut out for him. Starting from the 8th spot, he expertly worked all three racing grooves, showcasing his skill and tenacity. The crowd watched in awe as Dakota drove the #89 car to the front, defying the odds and proving that setbacks are just setups for comebacks.

The atmosphere at Southern Oregon Speedway was electric. Running in the "R Charles Snyder Salute" was an honor for Dakota and his team. Competing in the Iron Giant Street Stock Series, they raced against some of the best in the sport, making their triumph even more significant. The series is known for its high level of competition and thrilling races, and last weekend was no exception.

With Southern Oregon Speedway in the rearview mirror, Dakota and his team are gearing up for the Strawberry Cup at Willamette Speedway next week. The momentum from this weekend's success is sure to carry them forward as they prepare for another round of fierce competition.

Dakota extends his gratitude to everyone who supported him, both on and off the track. Special thanks go to:

  • Stone Motorsports LLC

  • Two Four Speed

  • B&R Auto Wrecking

  • AJW Parts

  • Custom Truck Connections LLC

  • BassRock Motorsports

  • Lawn Rich Professional Yard Care LLC

  • Blas Valley Tint LLC

  • Mac Tools (Bo Eastman)

  • D and B Bear Service

  • Showtime Graphics (Clay Debban)

  • Drager Performance

  • Muscle Car Studio (Tony Seeley)

  • Grandpa Ron

  • Norma Cosler

  • FX Suspension by Wade Cross

Their support and contributions were invaluable, making Dakota's success possible. The weekend at Southern Oregon Speedway was a testament to the power of teamwork, community, and unwavering determination. Here's to more thrilling races and unforgettable moments on the track!

Two Four Speed

Dakota Godard Wins at Southern Oregon Speedway


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