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Haeden Plybon Wins Idaho 208 at Meridian

There's nothing quite as unpredictable as a night at the races, and Saturday's Idaho 208 at Meridian Speedway was no exception. While racing often rewards the fastest and most consistent driver, sometimes it’s about being in the right place at the right time. For Haeden Plybon, that right place was behind Aubree Cristiani when she spun out of the lead with 69 laps left to go.

Haeden Plybon Tom Roberts
Haeden Plybon & KDDP's Tom Roberts Photo-Tom Roberts

Aubree Cristiani, who has shown impressive speed throughout the season, looked set for a probable victory, dominating a good portion of the race. However, in the unforgiving world of racing, one small mistake or piece of bad luck can cost you dearly. Her spin, altered the narrative of the night.

Plybon faced challenges all weekend including a blown motor and getting caught up in early lap incidents. Haeden was able to hold off the ever-determined Zach Telford in the late stages of the race. Telford, a formidable racer and a known name in the NW Super Late Model Series, wasn’t going to let Plybon have an easy run to the finish.

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Yet, Plybon demonstrated a commendable mix of aggression and defense. He masterfully managed his pace, ensuring he kept Telford at bay while not using up his race car.

When the checkered flag dropped, it was Plybon who emerged as the victor, clinching his fourth win of the 2023 NW Super Late Model Series season. This victory not only solidified his position as one of the season’s top competitors but also showcased his ability to overcome challenges and be there when it counts.

Third place went to Jonathan Gomez with Aubree Crisitiani rallying back to fourth after Nick Gibson's car failed to pass tech. Dave Garber, Thane Alderman, Kasey Kleyn, Zach Riehl, Andy Beaman, and Dan Lowther rounded out the top 10.

Races like the Idaho 208 at Meridian Speedway remind us of the unpredictability of motorsports. It's not just about speed; it's about strategy, perseverance, and a little bit of luck.

Here's to more heart-pounding moments and commendable displays of skill on the track. Congratulations to Haeden Plybon on a well-deserved victory, and we eagerly await the next showdown in the NW Super Late Model Series!

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Haeden Plybon Wins Idaho 208 at Meridian


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