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Jett Lawrence Clinches 450 Class Title at Unadilla

The 2023 Pro Motocross Championship, headed to the iconic Unadilla MX in Central New York this past weekend for Round 9, where the racing world witnessed history being made.

Jett Lawrence Clinches Premier Class Title

Jett Wins 450 Title
Photo by @browndogwilson

Australian rising star Jett Lawrence entered the competition with eyes set on the 450 Class title. Being his first summer in premier class competition, the anticipation was sky-high. The young talent did not disappoint, delivering his ninth straight 1-1 performance.

The day marked not just another win, but a triumphant victory that saw Lawrence clinch the prestigious Edison Dye Cup with two rounds still remaining. His perfect season is a testament to his determination, skill, and the sheer excellence that he has showcased throughout the championship.

Jett Lawrence

Jett Lawrence: Earns The 450 Class Title - Photo by @browndogwilson

The day’s excitement didn’t end with Jett’s success. In the 250 Class, his elder brother, Hunter Lawrence, orchestrated a remarkable victory as well, marking the sixth sweep for the Lawrence family and Team Honda HRC.

Hunter’s success at Unadilla extended his championship point lead, moving him one decisive step closer to his maiden title. This achievement exemplifies the Lawrence brothers’ dominance in the sport and the incredible synergy they have with Team Honda HRC.

Hunter Lawrence

Hunter Lawrence Works His Way Towads a 250 Title - Photo by @browndogwilson

The hallowed grounds of Unadilla MX have been a witness to many iconic moments in motocross history. The 2023 Pro Motocross Championship adds to that illustrious legacy, with a day filled with emotion, skill, and relentless pursuit of victory.

The Lawrence brothers’ sweep symbolizes a new era in motocross, marked by their determination and extraordinary talent. Jett’s perfect season in the 450 Class and Hunter’s pursuit of the 250 Class title are more than just wins; they are a beacon of inspiration for aspiring riders worldwide.

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Conclusion: A Championship to Remember

As the 2023 Pro Motocross Championship heads into the final two rounds, the excitement and anticipation continue to build. While Jett Lawrence has already etched his name into the history books, all eyes will be on Hunter as he seeks to secure his first title.

The unforgettable day at Unadilla MX will be cherished by motocross enthusiasts and stands as a testament to the passion, skill, and competitive spirit that define the sport. The legacy of the Lawrence brothers and Team Honda HRC has been firmly established, setting a new benchmark for excellence in the world of motocross.

Join us as we continue to follow this electrifying championship, where the thrill of the race meets the heart of true champions.

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Jett Lawrence Clinches 450 Class Title at Unadilla


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