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Molecule Motorsports

@moleculemotosports has you covered with full-coverage skid plates, glide plates, linkage covers, and rear disk guards.

Don’t go cheap with a plastic skid plate. I’d use the old saying “buy once cry once” but for the price of these American made Billet UHMW skid plates you are absolutely getting your money’s worth.

What is Billet UHMW? “Our plates are constructed from Billet UHMW, which has better wear properties than aluminum and even carbon steel. No cracks, punctures, or let downs with this material. Better yet, it self-lubricates to help you slide over obstacles in your sleep. Don't even compare this to HDPE or aluminum; UHMW is lightweight, slides better, and keeps its shape.”

I already did the research and billet UHMW is awesome.

Checkout and get yourself a great product.

Molecule Moto was kind enough to send one down and we put it on @jeremypurvines ‘s 350 and he put it through the ringer here in Southern Nevada. It’s good stuff.


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