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Sean Hingorani: 2023 ARCA West Champion


Phoenix, AZ – In the high-stakes world of ARCA Menards Series racing, Venturini Motorsports has long been a dominant force. Yet, their recent westward expansion marked a new chapter, one that 17-year-old Sean Hingorani from Newport Beach, California, was all too ready to write. Hingorani, in a dazzling rookie season, clinched the ARCA Menards Series West championship, adding a new jewel to Venturini's crown.

Sean Hingorani ARCA

At the season finale, the Desert Diamond Casino West Valley 100 at Phoenix Raceway, Hingorani may not have taken the top podium spot, but his third-place finish was a testament to the season's hard work. "We fought so hard today and really wanted to win this race," Hingorani reflected. "These guys brought me a fast car everywhere. It's been an incredible journey with Venturini Motorsports."

Sean Hingorani ARCA Champion

The growth trajectory for Hingorani and Venturini has been nothing short of meteoric. Their first outing at Phoenix earlier in the year saw challenges that left Hingorani finishing 16th. But this initial setback only fueled their ambition. Hingorani quickly bounced back, seizing victories at Irwindale Speedway, Kern County Raceway Park, Shasta Speedway and Evergreen Speedway signaling his championship intentions.

By the season's end, Hingorani was a dominant figure in the series. His near-miss in Phoenix did little to dampen his spirits, as he had his eyes set on the bigger prize. "We could have raced for the win," he said, recalling the race. "But the championship was our main goal, and we achieved that."

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Hingorani's journey from a rookie to a champion in just his second full season of racing is just short of incredible and something you see very rarely in this sport. "This was our first try at the West Series title, and we got it done. I can't wait for what's next," he expressed with enthusiasm.

With a championship and a very successful season now under his belt, Sean Hingorani is rapidly emerging as a formidable force in the future of racing. His journey thus far has been marked by significant learning and growth, adapting swiftly to the evolving dynamics of the sport. Looking ahead, the future holds immense potential for Sean. His dedication and continuous improvement set the stage for a thrilling and successful career in the rapidly evolving world of Nascar racing.

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Photos courtesy of Sean Hingorani.


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Sean Hingorani: 2023 ARCA West Champion


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