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SPS Summer Showdown Shake-Up: Ricky G To Race at Evergreen

There's a new turn in the road to Monroe as SPS sets course for the Summer Showdown at Evergreen Speedway. The racing team has announced a key change in their plans for the much-anticipated event, unveiling a new driver for the Pro Late Model Class – the dynamic and fiercely talented Ricky G.

Ricky G Pro Late Model

Ricky G, a fresh force in asphalt, has already turned heads with his off-road racing success, and indomitable spirit. His addition to the SPS team this weekend sparks excitement amongst the racing community. Known for his fearless driving style and ability to quickly adapt to new tracks, Ricky G is expected to bring a fast car and a strong desire to win to the Summer Showdown.

Speaking about the opportunity, Ricky G said "I’m very excited to be hopping back in the SPS Pro Late. I’m also excited to be racing at a track I’ve never been to before, hopefully, I can come in with a decent pace, and some good speed, and be competitive with the top runners."

Ricky G Pro Late Model Driver

Ricky G's entry into the SPS team isn't just a shift, but also a strategic move. Team Owner, Joe Farrè, has announced he won't be racing in this weekend's Summer Showdown at Evergreen Speedway. Instead, Farrè will be contributing to the SPS team's effort supporting drivers Donny St. Ours and Ricky G.

The late model racing world is one of constant evolution and adaptation, with teams constantly striving for that extra bit of speed, that superior strategy, that game-changing tactic. With Ricky G behind the wheel, SPS hopes to redefine its race approach and strategy for the better.

Fidelity Capital

As Ricky G prepares to take the wheel for SPS, the anticipation amongst fans is high. Will he be the wildcard that tilts the scales in favor of SPS at the Summer Showdown? Only time will tell. One thing's for sure - Ricky G's presence guarantees a thrilling spectacle at Evergreen Speedway.

Ricky G Evergreen

So, fasten your seatbelts, racing fans! As SPS changes gears and Ricky G gets ready to put the pedal to the metal, we're set for an unforgettable, high-octane weekend at Evergreen Speedway. The Summer Showdown is on, and the heat just got turned up a notch!

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Photos by Troy Smith for SPS / Two Four Speed

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SPS Summer Showdown Shake-Up: Ricky G To Race at Evergreen


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